Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Welcome to the Technosonic PVR101 Information & "bug blog". There are many of us that believe the PVR101 has the potential to be an excellent PVR, and these pages detail out attempts to help the manufacturers and each other with the issues.

Well the initial brodcast of the 1.6 release is over. I guess the many many thousands of people who still have their PVR101's have got the upgrade, but if not I guess they might re-broadcast sometime, check the DTG site (or here) from time to time.

It's pleasing that 1.6 fixed the biggest bug for most people- the remote control conflicts. It still seems to cause a few problems with other devices though.

So, still a few more niggling bugs to go. Will there be another release sometime? I'd guess so - this software is at the heart of several Goodmans and Bush models too now.

Currently I don't get much time to answer PVR101 emails. If you need advice fellow PVR101 owners can be found on the MSE or DS forums - see the links on the right.


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