Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Version 1.5 Buglist

  • Can't record from one/many channels. Do a "first time installation" from the setup menu and try again.
  • Last few minutes of recordings missing - not only when programmes overun.
  • Full-disk multiple re-boot and loss of recordings problem still exists, on timer recordings (deejay)
  • The picture freezes in timeslip when a timer recording starts. FFWD or skip to realtime and then go back to where you were. (marsha11)
  • Various new remote control code conflicts with other equipment (TVs). Mostly seems to be volume controls. Toshiba, Phillips, Wharfdale, Goodmans all reported. Pressing DTV causes the PVR to ignore IR signals whilst it is showing scart passthrough, until DTV is pressed again, which at least makes volume adjustment possible without losing the playback position (Norman)
  • Exiting the epg and returning to tv channel gives a picture with sound for a few seconds then a black screen for a few seconds, and loops. Put in Standby briefly or Reboot (lots of reports)
  • (one report) transient (short lived) No signal error, removed by changing channel (deejay)
  • Widescreen signalling (on sport programmes) still not working. See previous list for workaround
  • Automatic search for new channels causes timers to be deleted (dollop)