Monday, January 23, 2006

Version 1.1 Suspected Firmware bugs

  • Frequent "No Signal Received" errors. Reboot or Wait
  • Blank Screen and no sound (may be related to NSR) Reboot
  • No sound on ITV* Press 9 then 3 to get sound
  • Using Favourites causes the wrong channel/programmes to be recorded** Don't Use Favourites OR use < > keys to correct the channel in the timer pop-up window.
  • Occasional hangs while in standby Power off and on. Turning off automatic software downloads may help with hangs overnight (need to manually check for updates).
  • Recording when the disk gets full results in multiple reboots and loss of all previous recordings. (this is confimed). I know it's a bit obvious - don't let it get full.
  • 7 Day EPG very slow to populate, information missing for channels that should have it
  • Sound level too low (also amplifies the effect of caption video breakthrough)
  • Some Muxes won't record Reboot, then try doing a First Time Install -> scan channels. This may have been fixed in 1.1?
  • When watching a non-widescreen channel try to play a widescreen recording and the screen does not switch to wide even if you use the Wide button. Switch to a widescreen broadcast, then play the recording Thanks to weedavid
  • Sports programmes "forced" wider than they are. Possibly looks like a 4:3PS stretched to 16:9. Widescreen signalling used for sport not recognised by PVR? In setup change the TV size from 16:9 to 4:3. You can then manually set the correct aspect using the Widebutton. Thanks PB
  • Timeshift can be cancelled accidentally without confirmation if EPG or channel change buttons are pressed
  • When selecting a programme from the EPG to record using the daily option it will work correctly for 7 days. On the 8th and subsequent days, although the timer event still shows in the timers list and the red dot shows in the EPG, the programme is not recorded
  • Timeshift picture freezes when a timed recording starts while timeshifting FFWD to real-time then rewind to where you were. Thanks marsha11
  • Pressing "OK" on an on-air programme in the EPG does not switch to that program.
  • Pressing Record button sometimes only displays information like i-button being pressed. Reboot, then try doing a "first time tnstall" and rescan all the channels - this may have been fixed in 1.1?
  • "channel not broadcasting" Information page persists on display even after the channel has started. May also cause problems recording. Switch to another channel and back.
  • Unit wakes up more than once a day for a second or so (checking for software updates?).
  • Pressing the -Vol button just once increases the volume for some, for others pressing +Vol button just once decreases the volume.

Workarounds shown in Green.

*Winter Hill transmitter only (Near Bolton)

** Skipping a channel in favourites means all higher channels incorrectly record from lower channel numbers

If you identify any other bugs please post a comment or email, thanks.


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