Sunday, January 22, 2006

Suspected Hardware Faults

If you have one of these you may need to contact Key Warranties (Telephone number on the front of the Manual) to get their advice (or check if ALDI's still have any to do a swap):

  • Fails to come out of standby
  • Will not replay recordings
  • Will not record anything
  • Picture breaks up with diagonal lines Try a different (better) SCART cable.
  • Hum on Audio Try attaching a UHF lead to the TV if not already using one.
  • Buzzing on Audio (on Captions) Try a thick well shielded SCART Cable to connect to TV.
  • Picture too bright on loop through for VCR/DVD*. Try soldering a 75 ohm resistor between pins 20 and 21 of the SCART cable Thanks to JB
  • Picture poor/dull colours/interference. Use RGB not Composite (change in menu) and a fully shielded SCART cable.
  • Susceptible to interference from fridges/Heating/HAM radio/Mobile phones/Car Engines. Try attaching a UHF aerial loop-through cable from the PVR to TV to improve earthing of the unit (it's double insulated). This may (or may not) be to do with reports that there are tracts for the mounting of shielding around the tuners which is not present.
  • PVR reverts to 22/12 and looses any subsequent recordings
  • Poor sound level OR left or right channel sound only on SCART loop thorough. Pins have been pushed out of white plugs on the wiring looms to SCART daughterboard. Pins need pushing back in to effect repair. This must of course be referred to the warranty company as opening the unit could affect your warranty and exposes potentially live electrical components. Thanks to NW

Note, these are faults reported by 1/few people so are less likely to be cured by software fixes.

*Examination of input circuitry shows that input terminating surface mount resistor is present but of incorrect value (megohms). An sm capacitor could have mistakenly been inserted.


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